Half Term Holidays/Halloween

This week is not a good week for trying to launch a new business!

I’ve been given the go ahead to get assistance from being unemployed (albeit only for 2 months) to being self-employed.  The idea is, as I cannot seem to get anybody to employ me (this is hopefully due to the state of the job market and not a reflection on myself!) I shall work for myself and offer a clothes alteration/repair service and also sell my crafts.  To try and take advantage of the Christmas market I need to get a move on as most crafters have probably been busy since July, but, its half term here and I have my 5yr old to entertain, not the easiest of tasks.

As the UK are starting to catch up with the US we have been looking at things for Halloween.  When I was little, too long ago, I don’t remember pumpkins being in the shops or maybe as my Dad grew turnips they just fobbed me and my sister off with them and boy did they take some hollowing out. I do remember trick or treating and costumes but they were ones you make yourself.

Any how less of my deprived upbringing, my boy and I have made gingerbread biscuits bats, witches ghosts and pumpkins, artfully decorated by himself, the pumpkins turned into apples as we had no orange food colouring and we also made some in the shape of dinosaurs  his reasoning being that they were scary too.

Image  Image Image

Next he wanted to make his jack-o-lantern. After I easily hollowed out his pumpkin, grown may I add by myself, well I planted the seeds and when they germinated passed them to my mum to plant in her garden so partly by me, he set to carving.

Image Image Image

Very good I think.

I then made pumpkin soup and a pumpkin cake and we took the cookies to grandma, granddad and his cousins.  That’s another day I haven’t got much done I shall try again tomorrow!


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