‘Relaxing’ break

I have just returned from a very nice weekend away with my sister and her family.  We headed a long 45 minute drive away to Centre Parcs to visit their Winter Wonderland. We have been going to Centre Parcs for the last few years as the kids love it, my little man is five and my sister has two girls age 8 and 11 so just the right age.

They go to town on the Christmas theme and so we have visited Santa in his woodland workshop, seen his reindeer’s, walked along through the Christmas lights and watched the fireworks over the lake where Santa took a tour in a boat.

Big Christmas tree

Big Christmas tree

There are animals everywhere

some very friendly animals

So we stayed in a comfy little villa in the woods, nowhere near as fancy as the treehouses they have, and nowhere near the cost of the fancy villas but suited us fine as we didn’t intend spending much time inside. However my son decided to be poorly sick on the Friday night although he found the energy to join in with most things after a lazy Saturday spent in the villa. Luckily I had taken a few craft bits knowing we wouldn’t be too late back at the villa in the evenings so had plenty to keep me occupied while he lounged on the sofa.

Our little villa in the woods

Our little villa in the woodsCentre Parcs 2013 157

As cars aren’t allowed in the village we got about on bike or by foot so plenty of exercise, together with the swimming, adventure golf and playgrounds we are all worn out.

The only problem with a weekend away though is that they are over too quickly…..so back home now with my feet up bags unpacked and ready to start another week.

This weeks jobs include making a draft excluder and a peg bag for a customer, finishing touches for a craft fair next weekend and I have to go to see my nieces horse as his blanket does not fit properly and I have been asked to alter it, can’t say I’ve ever given a horse a fitting before!

Santa’s workshop

Pretty lights

Pretty lights

love fireworks

love fireworks


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