Craft Fairs

As most crafters already know and I am learning, local craft fairs are a great way of letting people know what you do, there is nothing better than getting honest feedback direct from the people you hope to sell to.

Its ok to list on sales sites and find out what’s popular by waiting for sales but face to face you get so much more feedback and hopefully confirmation that your ideas and creations are of interest to people.

I am yet to decide if I should stick to a specific craft, such as my sewing or keep to the general idea that if its something I no longer need or use can I up-cycle it.  Some fairs I get no sales (boo hoo) other sales people love my bags and recently it was my paper crafts that won the day (see previous posts for some of my book projects), so maybe mixed crafts are the way to ensure some sales as I cannot as yet predict the public!

I am hoping that the clothing alterations I do will be my steady income, but while I’m building up that side of things I’m having fun creating things with the things I’ve got.

Here are some of the things I’ve been creating

blog 010 blog 012 blog 014 blog 016 blog 018 blog 020 blog 024 blog 030

ebay 006 ebay 005 ebay 004

Off now to see what else I can create…



2 thoughts on “Craft Fairs

  1. I love doing craft fairs, I tend to mix crafts knitting, sewing and I’m about to add crochet to my goodies, love your creations

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