Make do and mend

This weekend I had a couple of hours of child free time, what to do with it, pamper myself, a bit of retail therapy, relax…no I thought as always I’ll catch up on some jobs.

My son has decided he wants to start football practice after school and with lots of notice I had the weekend to sort a new kit bag, he also needed some new track suit trousers, but as he is only 5 and will probably decide to try a different activity next term after a few weeks of training out in the cold, I didn’t want to rush out and buy new.

It being winter and very wet and muddy on the football field I decided he needed a bag that would hold up to muddy kit, his old school coat from last year (it was second-hand then) would be perfect there was just enough material for a drawstring bag.

An old coat far to small to wear

An old coat far to small to wear

I didn’t need the fleece lining or the padded layer but will save these for another project.

I cut out as much of the coat as I could, took the front zip out and sewed the front up then sewed the 3 sides together, turned the top over and hemmed it, added a drawstring and son now has a new waterproof bag complete with four pockets on the front.

A new waterproof kit bag

A new waterproof kit bag

Next he needed some kit, he has shorts and t-shirt but as its cold out there he needed trousers but as with all kids he has this habit of growing and most of his trousers are too short or have holes in the knees.  So instead of throwing away two pairs and buying a new pair I took my scissors and my sewing machine and extended their life for a little longer.

Two pairs of trousers now too short.

Two pairs of trousers now too short.

The blue pair was in better condition than the grey so I snipped them in half at the knee, took the knees out of the grey pair then simply stitched the grey knees into the blue trousers and a make do kit has been created.

Cut off at the knees!

Cut off at the knees!

blog 015

Two become one…long pair


My son came back from his friends and approved of both of his new items although he said he would have liked a picture of an alien on the bag! 5 year olds are very demanding and not everything is to his standards.

So I had a very productive child free time and a happy child too.

Back to doing some paid work now, I have curtains to make, 3 pairs of trousers to shorten and take in at the waist and a ball gown to lengthen so far this week.





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