Me and my old sewing machine.

Its been a while but I’m still here and I have been busy, honestly I have.  It looks like shortening trousers is going to be a regular alteration for my business as I’ve had a few to do, I’ve also altered another horse rug, lengthened a dress, made curtains and repaired a coat lining to name a few things.

It’s a good job I have a reliable old sewing machine.
I was given my sewing machine by an Aunt who only seemed to use it for repairing her husbands worn out work clothes, now and again and never had time to do anything else sewing wise, so on the understanding I carried out said repairs for her she gifted me the machine.  My aunt is no longer with us and I reminded my uncle of this arrangement recently, me and my big mouth apparently he has some things that cold do with mending!

My lovely old machine

My lovely old machine


I have had this machine for over 12 years now and it has been put to work on various projects in this time. Despite it being very basic i.e. straight stitch or zig-zag and the only ‘fancy stitch’ is a button-hole, it never lets me down.
Fine materials and several layers of denim even leather seem to be no challenge for my little old machine, which is a good thing now I have started sewing handbags.

Its latest challenge is this new bag made from an old pair of trousers lined with a shirt. This was a project for me to keep and use myself as I keep being told how can I promote the bags I make if I don’t use one myself……good point I now have a bag for everyday use!

My new up-cycled bag

My new up-cycled bag


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