Craft Fair

If you follow me on Twitter (@C_M_Creates) you may have seen I was selling at a craft fair recently. I don’t do as many as I’d like as I have to factor in my 6yr old and if he will be with me or if I can find a sitter for the day.  For this fair I left him with his grandparents and took my niece to assist me instead. I even made her a money belt from the waistband and back pockets of a pair of jeans.

The fair was at an antiques and craft centre in Chesterfield. If you are ever in Chesterfield check them out.  It only looks small but it is packed full.

The building itself looks fab

Olympia House

Olympia House


On the day however I was a bit disappointed,  I was one of 4 stalls on the entrance drive while the main event was at the back (I don’t sell there – yet, the main sellers got prime position), but at least the theory was people had to go past us.

Unfortunately the other three sellers failed to turn up! this left me on my own so not as many people stopped and looked.

But it wasn’t a failure the sun was shining and we were in the best place for that and we did have some sales, always a plus, we also got to hand out leaflets and cards which has brought in more work.

Half the battle of a new business is people knowing about you and the range of work you do.  I always like the face to face, being able to tell people what you do to drum up business, I think if people have met you hopefully it goes in your favour.

Here’s a few pics of  my stall and a few of my products on the day..



easter 028 easter 031 easter 032 easter 036 easter 038 easter 040 easter 042easter 043easter 046


Cath. x





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