Taste of Summer

For years my Mum made Elderflower ‘Champagne’ and as kids we loved it, not knowing then that it can have up to 4% alcohol,  no wonder we liked it!

Elderflower Champagne

Elderflower Champagne


It was a recipe that my gran also used to make so the whole family grew up drinking it and as it only blossoms in May/June and once made it only keeps for a few weeks it’s definitely associated with summer.

I’ve been noticing the Elderflower whilst on my walks with the dog and waiting for it to blossom.

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Little green buds, become bunches of lovely white flowers and the smell is very distinctive.

Just make sure you know what Elderflower looks like and pick the right one if you have a go at making this, don’t hold me responsible if you get it wrong!!!!

If you do want to have a go here’s My Grans recipe, it is so easy and tastes so good.

2 lge heads of Elderflower

1 Lemon – rind and juice

2 tbsp. White wine or cider vinegar

1 lb Sugar

8 pints water

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Mix together, stir until sugar dissolves and leave to stand for at least 24 hours then strain into sterilised bottles and leave somewhere cool for about a week to go fizzy.

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That’s the easy bit.


****** WARNING ******

Keep checking the bottles you may need to keep taking the lids off as the fizz is very unpredictable.

It may not fizz in which case add a tiny, tiny, little, drop more vinegar and leave a while longer.


It may explode and fizz all over everything!!!


You can use glass or plastic bottles but I recommend screw tops, my Mum used corks years ago, but one batch had so much fizz all the corks popped hitting the metal garage doors, the neighbours wondered what was happening!

Apparently, so I’m told, its the pollen on the flowers that reacts with the vinegar to create the fizz.  So the more pollen the more fizz!

Now all I need is a nice day to sit out in the sunshine, relax and enjoy….



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