Little girls birthday totes

A useful gift.

My son is at infants school and at this age it seems the done thing is to invite quite a few class mates to your birthday party, which is great, but there seems to be a lot of present buying to do!  Don’t get me wrong I like that he gets invites, I think I might worry if no one wanted him at their party, but I’m never sure what to buy, as I have a boy all his friends get what he likes Lego and cars but the girls hmmm….

So this year I realised that I make things for a living..doh and every little girl likes a bag….don’t they?

2014-07-12 17.23.41   2014-07-30 09.38.24   2014-10-04 10.39.26

So here’s a few of them nice little tote bags, easy to make and lots of uses from carrying those essentials on a day out to storing bits and bobs in their bedrooms and these are just the right size for little ones to carry books.

Just to add to the excitement I also add note books, pens, hair bobbles or other little bits and bobs that all girls love.

I think next I need some more boy like designs maybe some drawstring bags ?



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