I’m still here….and learning.

Firstly apologies for those that read my pages, and to those that have browsed through recently, I have not been keeping things up to date!

The reason for this is that work has taken a bit of a new direction, I entered into the world of sewing and crafts as a result of being made redundant.  This turned out to be a fortunate change of events, as they say when one door closes….

I am now self-employed and am able to work my days around the school run, school holidays and events (of which there seem to be many!).  I have recently started to do freelance work as well as working at home and while still in the area of sewing, it is a learning curve.

I only have a small sewing area at home, like so many I would love to have a dedicated sewing studio but instead I make do with a converted loft room, which doesn’t have heating I might add!  This being the case I don’t make curtains as I do not have the space.  My freelance work however has taken me to a sewing room that make hand stitched curtains in a big airy room with huge tables, (unfortunately still no heating though).

My time in the last few months has been taken up with new skills of pleats, pinch pleats, goblets, roman blinds, and pattern matching.  It’s a different set up to my own (obviously) and I have found a new love for an old industrial overlocker, such fun whizzing along the edges of meters of material.

While I’m used to mending and altering other people’s clothes and cutting up fabric for upcycling projects, there’s something about making that first cut into meters of expensive fabric, but we do measure twice and cut once!

I’m now adjusting to my busier schedule and I have successfully navigated my first tax return (aren’t they fun) so now its time to get back on track.  I intend to continue with my little blog and maybe bring you a few more tutorials on clothing alterations and upcycling and I may now include a few details of curtain making!

be back soon





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