Chalkboard spray paint

I’ve made a new discovery, well new to me anyway, chalkboard spray paint!  You’re probably thinking that’s been around ages, but to me its new.  My dad used to have a tin of said paint but it always seemed to dry with brush marks, this however is so easy to use.  I masked off anything I didn’t want spraying and then sprayed, seconds later it was dry!

I saw it whilst looking for something else and couldn’t resist getting it although I hadn’t got a plan for using it.

But now…

2015-05-26 08.36.42 2015-04-03 11.23.48 2015-04-03 11.24.28 2015-04-03 11.24.40

I’ve got new plant pots and some stylish up-cycled wine bottles, I even wrapped one with a bit of string something else I’d seen done and liked.

I’ve also purchased some chalk pens so, as with some of the plant pots, I can add little message to the bottles depending what I use them for, table decoration, vases, ornaments, candle holder……etc.

My mason jars may be getting new labels and when I make this years elderflower champagne I can see the bottles having new chalkboard labels. I’m even tempted to spay the door of my sons wardrobe…Oooh the possibilities.






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