My boys cake

Recently we attended a bit of a  celebration for the Queens birthday held in the small village my sister lives in.

There were the usual bouncy castle, face painting and games for the kids and there were  a couple of bands playing for the evening.  In true British spirit we all turned out to picnic complete with gazebo, wellies and big umbrellas because of course when you plan an outdoor even in July it will rain!

One of the events on the day was a baking competition judged by the village WI ladies.  I was babysitting for my nieces the night before and at 9pm the eldest decided she had to bake for the competition, we left the decorating to the next day!

The day of the ‘picnic’ my son decided he also had to bake, if his cousin could enter then so could he!  My son is 8 and he wanted to do it himself.  We went to my chuck it all in chocolate cake recipe and went for it.

I assisted with the weighing, he mixed, I baked, we decorated, and we he won!


The winning recipe was a basic sponge :

6oz sugar, 6oz butter, 6oz flour and 3 eggs beaten together.  Then the different bit (but how gran did it) mix 4 tbsp hot water to 1 & 1/2 oz cocoa powder and mix that in to the rest.

Bake gas 4

This usually takes about 30 mins but my son chose a ring and for some reason it took 50 mins, so I can only say bake until skewer comes out clean.

A quick drizzle with patriotic icing and he was done, I’m guessing it was the chocolatey, fudgy taste rather than the decoration that got him the prize.

Whatever, he was very proud of himself and he won a box full of baking goodies and we had a good night despite the weather!








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