I’ve finally learn to crochet..kind of

Well apologies first, I’ve been absent from my little blog for far to long but I’m back and I’ve learnt a new skill.

Wherever I look people seem to be crocheting, from hats to blankets, granny squares to amigurum it seems to be everywhere.  Its something I’ve attempted to teach myself many times but it never quite looked like the pictures, I just couldn’t get the hang of it, so I gave up.

But on one of my many trawls through the online craft tutorial sites I kept seeing claims of a ‘one hour infinity scarf’, well if it only takes an hour to make one how hard can it be!

After looking at several tutorials, some that explained better than others I was finally having a go and although my hook was not the same size or my yarn the same thickness (I worked with what I had to hand) I think my first attempt wasn’t a bad attempt, a bit uneven but definitely a scarf and very colourful.

2016-02-12 12.05.40

It does look better in real life than this picture…honest, its got a bit stretched with wearing.  However they lied, it did not take an hour, or even two but I got there in the end.

But I didn’t stop there, if I could make a scarf, surely I could do a hat, another scarf an ear warmer thingy?


These are just mine and my sons, I’m getting neater, not so many holes or wonky bits.

Celebrating my new found ‘talent’my sister received a hat and scarf for Christmas, my friends daughter also got a scarf and I’ve now received requests for two ear warmers from my nieces.

I just need to progress from the two stitches I know and there will be no stopping me, it’s kind of addictive, and I’m getting quicker…






Craft Fairs

As most crafters already know and I am learning, local craft fairs are a great way of letting people know what you do, there is nothing better than getting honest feedback direct from the people you hope to sell to.

Its ok to list on sales sites and find out what’s popular by waiting for sales but face to face you get so much more feedback and hopefully confirmation that your ideas and creations are of interest to people.

I am yet to decide if I should stick to a specific craft, such as my sewing or keep to the general idea that if its something I no longer need or use can I up-cycle it.  Some fairs I get no sales (boo hoo) other sales people love my bags and recently it was my paper crafts that won the day (see previous posts for some of my book projects), so maybe mixed crafts are the way to ensure some sales as I cannot as yet predict the public!

I am hoping that the clothing alterations I do will be my steady income, but while I’m building up that side of things I’m having fun creating things with the things I’ve got.

Here are some of the things I’ve been creating

blog 010 blog 012 blog 014 blog 016 blog 018 blog 020 blog 024 blog 030

ebay 006 ebay 005 ebay 004

Off now to see what else I can create…


‘Relaxing’ break

I have just returned from a very nice weekend away with my sister and her family.  We headed a long 45 minute drive away to Centre Parcs to visit their Winter Wonderland. We have been going to Centre Parcs for the last few years as the kids love it, my little man is five and my sister has two girls age 8 and 11 so just the right age.

They go to town on the Christmas theme and so we have visited Santa in his woodland workshop, seen his reindeer’s, walked along through the Christmas lights and watched the fireworks over the lake where Santa took a tour in a boat.

Big Christmas tree

Big Christmas tree

There are animals everywhere

some very friendly animals

So we stayed in a comfy little villa in the woods, nowhere near as fancy as the treehouses they have, and nowhere near the cost of the fancy villas but suited us fine as we didn’t intend spending much time inside. However my son decided to be poorly sick on the Friday night although he found the energy to join in with most things after a lazy Saturday spent in the villa. Luckily I had taken a few craft bits knowing we wouldn’t be too late back at the villa in the evenings so had plenty to keep me occupied while he lounged on the sofa.

Our little villa in the woods

Our little villa in the woodsCentre Parcs 2013 157

As cars aren’t allowed in the village we got about on bike or by foot so plenty of exercise, together with the swimming, adventure golf and playgrounds we are all worn out.

The only problem with a weekend away though is that they are over too quickly…..so back home now with my feet up bags unpacked and ready to start another week.

This weeks jobs include making a draft excluder and a peg bag for a customer, finishing touches for a craft fair next weekend and I have to go to see my nieces horse as his blanket does not fit properly and I have been asked to alter it, can’t say I’ve ever given a horse a fitting before!

Santa’s workshop

Pretty lights

Pretty lights

love fireworks

love fireworks

Other uses for old books

As I have a stack of old books and its coming up to Christmas I have been making decorations. The ideas I’ve found on Pinterest are inspiring, here are two of the easy ones. There are numerous posts on how to do these and some good YouTube videos if you find watching how its done easier.

Here is how I created a star and a Christmas tree…….

First cut a square from the book mine was 12cmx12cm

Then fold it into a square to mark the centre, unfold this then fold each corner to the centre, using the previous folds as a guide
blog 032 blog 033
Fold in two of the sides to make it into a kite shape.
blog 034
Next turn it over and fold back the point, then fold in half, with the folded point on the outside.
blog 036 blog 037
Now make a few more, it took 14 for this star.

When you have enough push the two points of one piece into the pockets (made when the triangle was folded back) on another piece. continue to do this gluing them in place as you go until you have enough to make the full circle, tucking the points of the first point into the pockets of the last
blog 038  blog 039

That’s one made, I plan on making a few more in different sizes then hanging them together.


Next, the Christmas tree….

This time count 30 pages of the book and leaving the spine of the pages intact separate them from the book, you need to do this again with another 30 pages, as the tree is made in 2 pieces.  Keeping the pages intact at the spine means you need only glue the two spines together rather than all the individual pages.

So taking one set of pages fold down the top right corner to the spine and press fold down, fold that fold across to the spine and press down. This leaves a point at the bottom. I unfolded the page and folded this up to give a flat base to the tree.

blog 019 blog 020

blog 021 blog 023

Continue folding all the pages one by one until you have a nice fan shape.  Do this with both pieces. you can leave the folded pages as they are or glue them down as you go.

blog 024

With hot glue gun at the ready, run glue up the spine and glue the two fans together.

blog 027

And there it is, one book page tree.  I think I may add a star to the top and may even add a green colour to the folds.

blog 030