New use for old fabric

Do you remember the old 1970’s sun loungers?  The metal one with the legs and the two sides that folded out and if you didn’t get it right when you sat down either a leg collapsed or one end folded in on you.

Well, being a child of the 70’s I loved ours, so much so when I got my own place in the late 90’s it came with me.

Now with the rubber bands perished and the metal rusted I’ve had to say goodbye to it, but being the hoarder I am I kept the fabric cover.

70's Sun lounger fabric!

Iconic 70’s pattern!


It’s a bit weak in places, after all it had some use over the years but I managed to salvage some and give it a new life.

With its old life in mind, what else could I do but make a beach bag!


Got to love those colours !

I’m off now to recover an old vintage wooden deck chair, I really do hate to throw anything out.  I’ll post photos soon.


Cath.  x





Christmas Prep

I’ve not posted for a while but I have been busy, I’ve added some new bags to my stock and I’ve been busy with a few other Christmas crafts. I’ve had my first attempt at my own hand made Christmas cards. I also offered to make Santa’s magic keys for the school Christmas fair and volunteered to make a new Santa hat and coat for a Polar bear prize for school, it seemed an easy task but is proving anything but!The first bag was a clutch bag made from an unloved and never worn skirt I picked up at a boot sale, I just loved the pattern.

Unloved Skirt

Unloved Skirt

blog 034

Fab pattern

blog 038

New Clutch!


Then another clutch from some old jeans

Old jeans

Old jeans


And a handbag from a tea towel

Old tea towel

Old tea towel


Two versions of Santa’s Magic Keys, I have made these for the School Christmas fair but I’ve had to do them when my 5 year old wasn’t around, I’m not spoiling it for him yet.  I found all the keys in my fathers garage 22 in all, not sure how someone collects that many old keys but I’m glad he did.

blog 028blog 027


And lastly my first attempt at homemade cards, If your related to me look away now you may be getting one of these!


blog 050blog 048 blog 046


Better get back too it lots more to do yet…..

happy Christmas crafting everyone.






Other uses for old books

As I have a stack of old books and its coming up to Christmas I have been making decorations. The ideas I’ve found on Pinterest are inspiring, here are two of the easy ones. There are numerous posts on how to do these and some good YouTube videos if you find watching how its done easier.

Here is how I created a star and a Christmas tree…….

First cut a square from the book mine was 12cmx12cm

Then fold it into a square to mark the centre, unfold this then fold each corner to the centre, using the previous folds as a guide
blog 032 blog 033
Fold in two of the sides to make it into a kite shape.
blog 034
Next turn it over and fold back the point, then fold in half, with the folded point on the outside.
blog 036 blog 037
Now make a few more, it took 14 for this star.

When you have enough push the two points of one piece into the pockets (made when the triangle was folded back) on another piece. continue to do this gluing them in place as you go until you have enough to make the full circle, tucking the points of the first point into the pockets of the last
blog 038  blog 039

That’s one made, I plan on making a few more in different sizes then hanging them together.


Next, the Christmas tree….

This time count 30 pages of the book and leaving the spine of the pages intact separate them from the book, you need to do this again with another 30 pages, as the tree is made in 2 pieces.  Keeping the pages intact at the spine means you need only glue the two spines together rather than all the individual pages.

So taking one set of pages fold down the top right corner to the spine and press fold down, fold that fold across to the spine and press down. This leaves a point at the bottom. I unfolded the page and folded this up to give a flat base to the tree.

blog 019 blog 020

blog 021 blog 023

Continue folding all the pages one by one until you have a nice fan shape.  Do this with both pieces. you can leave the folded pages as they are or glue them down as you go.

blog 024

With hot glue gun at the ready, run glue up the spine and glue the two fans together.

blog 027

And there it is, one book page tree.  I think I may add a star to the top and may even add a green colour to the folds.

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