My boy turned 7 and I made a cake

This weekend my son turned 7, I have no idea where the time went!

Knowing I bake, he ordered a cake.  This year he was having an animal party, he has a bit of a thing about reptiles at the moment, so we had a visit from a chameleon, a skink a few snakes a bearded dragon and the cutest pygmy hedgehog to name a few.  So with all these visitors it could have been worse, but the cake he ordered was a snake…..easy I thought!

I can bake and do a mean sponge but decorating…and in fondant, is not my strong point, however I’m quite pleased with the result, even though it does look rather ‘homemade’, the kids loved it.

Snake Cake!

Snake Cake!

So technically its a short snake but I realised that I hadn’t got a long board and no time to make one (I only got around to decorating it 2hrs before the party)

2015-04-17 12.39.43 2015-04-17 12.41.10 2015-04-17 12.41.35 2015-04-17 12.43.50

I started off with 2 ring cakes, a vanilla and a chocolate, to try and please everyone, I chopped them up a bit, tried to fashion a tail and the head was kind of made up of the leftovers.  I then ‘glued’ it all together with butter-cream, again I made chocolate and vanilla and covered each cake with them.

2015-04-17 13.14.46 2015-04-17 13.18.31

I used one of those bags you get fruit in and put it over the fondant when I rolled it out to get a snakeskin look to it, a little tip I picked up on Pinterest.  Now the hard bit… getting the fondant on the cake.

I did the head first and then layered a large piece over the rest and kind of tucked it in.  I had to blend the edges together, apparently the way to do this is with vodka, the theory being water makes it soggy but vodka evaporates.  Now I know this is a kids cake but I’m told its perfectly safe, any how it worked lovely I didn’t use to much (I saved most of it, after all I was about to host a party for 16 7 year olds, I may have needed it later!)

And there it was a snake cake that my boy was very pleased with.

2015-04-17 14.58.03

We had a great time and after all my effort the cake disappeared in minutes, the kids had a ball and I enjoyed it too, I didn’t even need the rest of that vodka to aid my recovery after it all.

Cath. x


Dinosaur Party

Hi, I know I’ve not posted for a while…..again, but I have had a busy time lately which of course is a good thing business wise.  I have some commissions to make and several repairs. But of course its Easter and therefore my son is off school and as if that didn’t keep me busy enough it was his 6th birthday and on bank holiday Monday his granddad turns 70, every thing come at once.

My son started his Easter celebration with the school Easter bonnet parade here is his ‘bonnet’… a fluffy yellow chick.

easter 055

We had his birthday party a week early as a lot of friend were away over Easter, he had a dinosaur party but I got so busy I forgot to take many pictures (doh).  I had 22 kids age 6 and under and luckily some kind friends to help out.

I started prep making dinosaur eggs, good old papier-mache.

easter 071  easter 050

I decided to make them into piñatas but on the day we couldn’t break them (I’m told I used the wrong glue) but we got around it by cutting them open and showering the kids with the sweets.

My god-daughter made a dinosaur poster.

easter 054

I printed some dinosaur invites from  I also printed off matching templates for favour boxes and filled these with chocolate dinosaurs made by melting chocolate into some moulds I had.

easter 051  easter 052  easter 053

We played pin the horn on the Triceratops…

easter 213

I drew some dinosaur footprints and we played musical footprints, shouting out a colour when the music stopped, anyone stood on that colour footprint was out….

easter 215

and we ate dinosaur sandwiches cut with my sandwich cutter.

easter 217

all in all they had a good time.


Now to get on with a cake for my dads party.