Display of Talent

Last weekend my mums church was holding a display of talents and there was quite an array of talent on offer.

There were the Peak Youth choir and the Aurora ladies choir to entertain everyone and of course the usually refreshments were on offer, tables had also been set up showcasing the talents of the people that attended the church and there were some competitions.

I had a small display showing some of my up-cycled fabric items from bags to hair bands and I handed out a few business cards, there’s no point wasting an opportunity!

My 'talent' on display

My ‘talent’ on display

The talents being showcased included…….





Tap dancing, the picture on the table is of a lady as a child who has now been dancing for 50years!

Tap dancing

Lace making (looks very fiddly)

Lace making

Flower arranging and sat on the table are some knitted dolls

Flower arranging and some knitted dolls

A traction engine

Traction engine

Dolls in various wedding attire each representing a different era

Dolls in different wedding attire


And that was only some of them. (I think my son can enter some photos next year as he is responsible for the ones above, it kept him busy.)

The competitions included drawings, flower displays, decorated biscuits and cupcakes on a spring theme.

On the Friday night my kitchen was taken over by my 5yr old son and his 10yr old friend Jessica who wanted to have a go at the cupcake decorating and so I thought I would have a go too.  Although many disappeared along the way, we had enough left to enter a fine selection and my son and I duly won 2nd place in our age groups and Jessica came 1st in hers. (I think this may have been down to the lack of entrants rather than our talent).

My cupcakes

My cupcakes

A selection of the kids cakes

A selection of the kids cakes

It was great to see such talents on display.